Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Joy of Sadness

Tik tok tik tok..
phew 2011 almost end and here the memories that I wanna keep and forget.
For me,this year is full of joy..and sadness.
So this year is like The Joy of Sadness to me.
If there is a joy,there is a sadness.
And if there is a sadness,there is a joy.

  • Tahun dimana gue dag dig dug serr mengikuti suatu dewanya ujian bagi anak2 sekolah : UAN. And you can read my posts about duka2nya UAN here here here here . Sampai akhirnya gue lulus dan mendapatkan sekolah yg ga disangka-sangka di... SMAN 4 Tangerang. Well yeah,at least I got new best friends :)
  • NONTON KONSER DAVID ARCHULETA!!! maaannn...that memory is full of joy..and sadness!! Like I told ya in my post,banyak bgt rintangan yug menghadang. But yeah it was worth :) back again --> here 
  • Berakhirnya petualangan Harry Potter dan kawan2. Once again..Joy and Sadness u.u --> here
  • Kpop is my NEW love!!! kekekeke hey the more you see it the more you realize that kpop is coooollll. I like the original one than the 'rubbish' one (ehm u know wht i mean) -- > here here 
  • RIP my dearest cousin. Hope you had a better life in heaven. We'll meet there :) here
  • Went to another country for the first time!! Yeah phukeeet!!! >_< --> here here here 
  • Perpisahan SMP. My dearest school,SMPN 1 Tangerang ( One Junior High School). 7G. 8H. 9F. Rifa. Sari. A'ida. Gracia. Monica. Merry. Atun. Tiara.  Thanks for the moments that we had together. It was fun. :) here  here here and another posts with tag temen2 or school.
  • And..eventhough I haven't told you in my post. My brothers' son was booorn!! His name is Andi Rafa Aldebaran (yep,another Andi in our family). I'll post the picts later :)

And yeah another memories that I couldn't write or remember. 2011 is fun. Exciting. Sad. I don't want this year anymore. Let's face 2012 and I hope everything's gonna be good for us.

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