Thursday, April 24, 2014

Comfort Zone

How to get out from your comfort zone?


You can't.

LOL okay, just kidding.

Well it's simple, just think that your comfort zone is as not as comfortable than it used to be. Always remember that your neighbor's grass is more green than yours. Atau dalam bahasa Indonesianya, "Rumput tetangga lebih hijau daripada rumput sendiri."

Terus apa korelasinya?

Ya korelasinya, karena rumput tetangga lu itu lebih hijau, lu juga pengen dong ngebut rumput rumah lu hijau? So get out form your comfort zone and make your grass more green than your neighbor's!

Ugh and I'm writing this post in the middle of night when I have to wake up early tomorrow to face a new thing. You know, I kinda hate to learn a new thing. That's why I don't want to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Because I hate to leave my comfort zone.

But, ugh my mom persuaded me to learn something that even bigger than that.

How to drive a car.

Call me lebay or you know, I exaggerate thing. But, seriously guys It's getting on my nerves now. I really hate to learn a new thing like that.

But, I realized I'll never make it if my mom didn't persuade me. I'll never work it out in things like that by myself. I keep telling myself that I'll do it later, when in fact I'll never do it.

Yeah, that's me. It's bad I know, please don't do it.

So I'm writing this post because I want to tell you guys you shouldn't let your fear become an obstacle for you to learn a new thing. Get the hell out form your fucking comfort zone, know, be excited about it.

What? You asking me do I feel excited for tomorrow?

Oh yes I'm excited #notethesarcasm

You got my point.

ps : The second reason why I'm writing this post because I want to let go my frustration. Writing always heal it, I told you.

ps1: Oh and please pray for me that I won't bump or crash or something like that.

ps2: I hope the instructor is not handsome, so I won't get any distraction. 

ps3: Wait, I change my mind. He can be as handsome as Baekhyun or V then I'm okay with it.

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