Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Had Flipped

Phew. What a saturday night.

No no there's nothing special.

Except watched a movie alone in your room while the fireworks bursting out there, you called special; then it was.

I just finished a movie. It called Flipped.

And I had flipped by the movie.

Ceritanya biasa aja. Tapi pembawaannya lah yang sangat unik. Dimana setiap adegan diceritakan dalam 2 sudut pandang yang berbeda.

Sinopsis nya bisa kalian baca sendiri, tapi intinya filmnya bercerita tentang 2 anak ( a girl and a boy, of course) yang bertetanggaan dan selalu bersekolah di sekolah yang sama sejak kecil. Dan si cewek lah yang pertama kali 'suka' sama si cowok.

" The first day I met Bryce Loski, I flipped. It was those eyes, something in those dazzling eyes. " - Juli Barker on Flipped

As they grow older, several things have changed; and they flipped. Both of them.

Dimana si cewek yang tadinya suka mati-matian, bisa tiba-tiba ga suka; dan si cowok yang tadinya menghindari si cewek mati-matian, mendadak jadi suka.

Then I saw Juli. She was two tables away from me, facing my direction. Only she wasn't looking at me. She was looking at Jon, her eyes all sparkly and laughing. My heart lurched. What was she laughing about? What were they talking about? How could she sit there and look so... beautiful? I felt myself spinning out of control. It was weird. Like I couldn't even steer my own body. I'd always thought Jon was pretty cool, but right then I wanted to go over and throw him across the room. " - Bryce Loski on Flipped

Tentu aja, selain sibuk squealing-squealing ga jelas sendirian di kamar ( plus the boy who played as Bryce is oh-so-handsome-and-oh-so-cute ), gue berhasil mengambil intisari yang ingin disampaikan oleh pengarang ( yes, it is actually based on a novel written by Wendelin Van Draanen. I saw the book quite often but I just simply ignored it because the cover is a chick so I thought the book is something about ranch ).

Intisarinya adalah, setiap orang bisa berubah, termasuk diri lo sendiri. Apa yang kita anggap indah pada awalnya, bisa berubah menjadi suatu hal yang buruk karena faktor-faktor tertentu; begitu juga sebaliknya. Kita ga bisa memaksakan seseorang atau sesuatu berubah atau berjalan sesuai dengan apa yang kita inginkan.

Tapi, terkadang semua akan berjalan sesuai dengan apa yang kita mau disaat kita tidak mengharapkannya untuk terjadi.

" My grandfather stood beside me and looked across the street, too. "No, Bryce," he said softly. "She's the same as she's always been; you're the one who's changed." He clapped his hand on my shoulder and whispered, "And son, from here on out, you'll never be the same again. " - Flipped

 But in my heart I knew the old Bryce was toast. There was no going back. Not to Garrett or Shelly or Miranda or any of the other people who wouldn't understand. Juli was different, but after all these years that didn't bother me anymore. I liked it. I liked her. " - Bryce on Flipped

Have you met someone that made you flipped?

For me, I have. But it just didn't work. He has changed. I was changed.

 " All of a sudden I didn't fit in anywhere. Not at school, not at home...and every time I turned around, another person I'd known forever felt like a stranger to me. Even I felt like a stranger to me. " - Flipped

Anywaaaay, It really is a good movie. You should watch it >_< and Goodreads recommended me to read the book too; so yeah, I will. 

...and I realized that Garrett was right about one thing- I had flipped. Completely. " - Bryce Loski on Flipped

See, it is a chick.

" You never forget your first love. " - Wendelin Van Draanen on Flipped

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  1. wkwkwkwkwk itu beneran anak ayam?? Kirain "chick" yg laen....... Wkwkwkwk

  2. Aku juga suka film ini mz. Tapi baru ngerti arti 'flipped'-nya setelah kamu ceritain di atas. Ah, jadi kepikiran...

    1. Kepikiran apa sih mz? Jadi selama ini kamu nonton, ga tau maksud judulnya apa?