Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yogyakarta Amat....

Nothing so special.


But it was good because I took a pict.

A pict that'll be the last memory of you.


While waiting for the bus!!! took 3 hours!! 

Ayu, Cita, Tiara and Yepi


Awas ada preman Tangerang!!!

Onet Family at Borobudur :D


This is the owner of this blog. lol already know?

Cindy and Ayu

Again. The owner of this blog.



Ada dosen cewek masih muda banget yang jadi narasumber pas seminar waktu itu. And u know what dia S2 di Seoul University lewat beasiswa. Soooooo envy >_< Then I asked a question about how could she go there lol

Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis @ UGM

It's A2A. Andi Ayu!!

Diva,Winda,Ayu,Me @ Parangtritis


Onet dimanapun berada

Nur & Ayu

Huhu I miss X4 :(

Night snacks' time!!

It's parteeeeh

@ Baturraden

With ex seatmate >_<



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